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Why Donate?

Through our robotics program, students gain valuable skills they often don't get a chance to develop in a normal classroom setting. This student-led program sees students research, design, build, program, and continually iterate their designs for maximum performance.  Working in teams, they continually work through the engineering design process and document that process in an engineering notebook. Through teamwork and competitions, students learn communication, perseverance, collaboration, problem-solving, time management, team dynamics, and leadership skills. This program develops the skills they will carry with them throughout their lives and lead them into successful careers.

Because our team is a school club, we must fundraise for everything we do. Your donations allow us to:
  • register for the season 
  • go to regional competitions 
  • buy parts 
  • get team shirts 
  • travel to competitions
  • attend the state and world championships
  • grow our teams!

The cost for one VEX team can easily exceed $1000 for one competitive season. If that team qualifies for the VEX World Championship, it adds more than $5000.  Our success has seen our program grow, and the 2023-2024 season grew to nine teams serving over 40 students.

We truly appreciate any support we receive whether it be one dollar or 5000 dollars. A very helpful, yet often overlooked donation, is that of your time.  Please see our volunteer page if you are interested.

For Individual donors, you can give by mailing a check or donating online.

For business sponsorships, please see the chart below and donate here.

To maintain our teams and continue our growth, we must have the support of our community. Please consider giving to our program and help us expand to provide more real world opportunities and training that will help students far beyond the classroom.

If you have questions or need a receipt, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Note: All donations are tax deductible.

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Please note the deadline for printed items, like team shirts, for the current season is October 1st.  Any logos received after will be included for the following season.  (ex. if a logo is received October 2, 2024, it will be on team shirts for the 2025-2026 season.


2023-2024 Sponsors

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The Booth Family

Special Thanks to:

Cassy Barnhill
Karen Harmon
Shanna Troutt
Greg Spivey
Sophie Stevenson
Jane Jones
Dorothy Groves
Carole Groves

2022-2023 Sponsors

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The Booth Family
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The Schafer Family

Special Thanks to:

Casey Hamaker
Mamta Kumari
The Hazelip Family