Thank You for Your Interest in Volunteering!

Fayetteville's First Tournament of the 2024-25 season will be November 9th!

Please help us out by donating your time or items!

Competitions are not possible without volunteers

VEX Competitions rely on the generosity of people like you.  The entire VEX Robotics Competition network all the way through the World Championship relies on volunteers.  For students to compete in robotics across the country, they first attend regional events.  These regional events are usually hosted by a team or teams from a local school. The last tournament our club hosted at Fayetteville High School took the work of over 100 volunteers over 2 days. If you are passionate about STEM, love to see students succeed, or just like helping out, please consider volunteering at one of our events.  There are roles for everyone whether you have zero experience or knowledge of robotics or you are an experienced engineer or computer scientist! 

Volunteer Roles

All roles are critical to making tournaments a success.  Descriptions for some of the harder to fill and less intuitive roles can be found here. Please reach out with any questions.